With Thanks…

Ever have one of those years? The ones where when you pause to look back you can’t even begin to fathom how you’ve gotten through it with your sanity still somewhat intact? I have. To be honest, 2012 has been less than stellar…and it has been incredible all at the same time. It’s all how you look at it.

I could focus on one of my brother’s fighting cancer, 3 of my children getting concussions (2 of them gave me nightmares for months), my oldest daughter moving to Nevada, my Dad battling some health issues, my Mom facing some vision problems, hitting a bumpy patch in my relationship and losing a dear friend to breast cancer. If I do that, it is really easy to feel down and overwhelmed. Thankfully I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl, so for Thanksgiving I’m reminding myself to flip the above script:

My brother beat cancer and his lung issues are healing, all 3 of my children that suffered concussions have healed with no permanent damage, my precious oldest daughter is finding her way in life – owning her choices and learning from her mistakes. My Dad has great doctors treating him and my Mom caught her glaucoma and cataracts in time to save her vision. Steve and I spent time in NH together for our Anniversary and are determined to make each other a priority. Most importantly, I know without a doubt that I will see my friend in Heaven again someday.

When I look back on 2012, there is one simple fact that will forever stand out vividly in my mind. I have some AMAZING friends. Through all of the struggles and obstacles that I faced, that one truth remains abundantly clear. So today, I want to pause and say THANK YOU to those of you who virtually held my hand, stood by my side, and even carried me at times this past year. Your friendship is a priceless gift in my life. I have been truly blessed and I hope you know how very much you are appreciated. From the very bottom of my heart and with ALL of my love…THANK YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Today, I celebrate you.

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