Disney Moms Panel Monday – Beth

Straight from my heart – A glimpse into what makes my fellow Panelists so very precious to me.

The Walt Disney World Moms Panel began in 2008 and Beth was one of the original Members. She lives in New York with and her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. Beth works for my favorite airline where she coordinates logistics for crewmembers to attend special training. Beth and her husband honeymooned at Disney World and they’ve created countless family memories there ever since.

When I attended my Training Trip back in December 2009, Beth was one of the few alumni Moms who I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet. It was during the Moms Panel Reunion in October 2010, that I first had the pleasure of meeting her. Here she is with some of her fellow 2008 Panelists upstairs in the Coral Reef…

Back row from left: Erin, Beth, Michelle, Heather M
Front row: Bret and Darcie

2008 “Moms” during 2010 Reunion – photo credit Marc Lorenzo

Beth at the Moms Panel Fan Meet & Greet…

In the Odyssey – 10/10

I saw Beth again two months later during the Training Trip for the 2011 Panelists. We met up on the BoardWalk for an informal lunch…

From left: Marc, Anna, Chris, Amanda A, Dannée, Bernie, me, Beth, Suzannah, Jonas & Joel

On the BoardWalk – 12/10

In 2011, Beth and our beloved Dannée served together as the first 2 Disney Vacation Club Specialists on the Panel…

Dannée and Beth 12/11

It was during 2011 that I truly began to get to know Beth and I discovered what an incredibly special person she is. Beth has an enormous heart. She is filled with a deep sense of caring and compassion for people. There have been multiple occasions that she has gone far above and beyond to reach out and let me know how much she cares. One of those times was very recently when I was in Indiana for Dannée’s funeral. Kay, Laura S, Laura M and I were driving to the service together and I was fine-tuning the eulogy. My phone rang and it was Beth. She had called to “give me a pep talk” with some encouraging words, support and love. She seemed to know just the right time to call. There have been other times that she has made an invaluable difference in my life too, one of which I’ll be forever grateful for. She knows what I’m referring to, and it was priceless. Beth is an absolute gem. Many times it’s a simple text message from her with a show of support, an unexpected “you’re appreciated”, or a reassuring “I’ve got your back” that really makes my day.

Beth is currently on hiatus, but she continues to be a backbone of the Panel and sense of support to many. The ultimate mentor, she is one of those rare and beautiful souls that cause you to pause and count your blessings. I count Beth’s friendship among the greatest of mine.

photo credit: Disney Parks

You can follow Beth on Twitter: @BethChoisez

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Love ya, Beth!

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