Thoughtful Thursday – Shawn’s Arbor Day Poem

The 5th Grade students were all asked to write a poem for an Arbor Day Contest. Shawn’s was selected by the committee as one of the top entries, and he has been invited to take part in the Arbor Day Celebration tomorrow. I’m very excited to attend this with him and watch as he recites his poem. I’ll update this post tomorrow with photos of the event.

Here is his poem about trees:

  Arbor Day

I see

    The kids climbing the tree

  The new leaves blossoming

 And the birds building nests

 I feel

The rough bark of an oak

I touch the sap on a pine

And the texture of each branch I climb

 I smell

The flowers on trees

The burnt wood in a fire

And the smell of a Christmas tree

 I hear

The birds chirping

The crack of a falling tree

And the wind swaying trees

 I taste

The exotic syrup

The oranges and apples

And the bananas and coconuts


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