Disney Travel Tip Tuesday – The (almost) Indescribable Dole Whip

In a special little corner of the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, you will find a beloved refreshment stand known as Aloha Isle.

Aloha Isle is where you can enjoy an infamous treat known as the Dole Whip. Disney describes a Dole Whip as “soft-serve ice cream with a tropical twist”.

photo credit: Disney Parks

Truth be told, in my humble opinion, that description fails to do justice to such a deliciously refreshing treat.

In sharing Disney vacation planning tips with others either through everyday conversation or on the Moms Panel, I have often answered questions about my favorite snack options at Walt Disney World Resort. Without fail, I always tell people not to miss Aloha Isle…

This tropical oasis is especially popular on a scorching hot day…

Rest assured that it is, without question, worth the wait.

Recently when recommending a Dole Whip to a friend who was planning her very first Walt Disney World vacation, I found myself stumped. “What exactly is a Dole Whip?”, she asked. Seriously, how does one adequately – yet briefly – describe something so divine?

Her question got me thinking. I decided to turn to some of the best Disney Experts I know…fellow Walt Disney World Moms Panelists. I posed a simple challenge to them…

How would you answer this question: 

 “Describe a Dole Whip in 5 words or less.”

In alphabetical order, here are some of their incredible responses:

Anna: “Disney’s Most Refreshing Tropical Oasis!”

Chris: Tropically Sweet Heat-Beating Treat”?

Doug – “Nostalgia in a Chilly Cup”

Jill –Sweet and Surprisingly Tart Delicacy”

Kim D – “Vegetarian Friendly Tropical Escape”

Kim L – “Orange Citrus Swirl Sensation” or “Pineapple Paradise in a Cup”

Kirsten – “Cupful of Tropical Sunshiny Happiness!”

Marc – “Creamy Pineapple Goodness” and “Heaven in a Cup”

Scott – “Aloha:  I’ll take another!!!!” (Get it?  Aloha Isle!!)

Stacy – “Decadent Refreshing Love”

Terry -  “Sweet Swirl of Indulgence” , “Divine Dessert Decadence”  and
“Sweet Succulent Satisfaction”

Here are some of the newest Panelists enjoying a Dole Whip during their Training Trip last December…

Kirsten, Elisabeth, Kim D, Scott, Laura and Ashley - 12/11 (photo credit: Amanda F)

Back in October of 2007, all 5 of my children tried their very first Dole Whip. Some of them chose the Dole Whip Pineapple Float, which featured the pineapple soft-serve ice cream and pineapple juice. Others opted for a cup of orange or pinapple Dole Whip soft-serve ice cream. It was the perfect treat for a sizzling hot Florida day…

My 5 enjoying their very first Dole Whip - 2007

They thoroughly enjoyed every last lick…

Being from New England, my children simply describe a Dole Whip as “Wicked Good”!

My girls with their very first Dole Whips - 2007

The Disney Parks Blog recently posted this photo of new Dole Whip t-shirts that are available for purchase at the Happiest Place on Earth…

photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

I see one of those t-shirts in my future.

Curious what else is on the menu at Aloha Isle? Check out these tempting and refreshing options….

How would YOU describe a Dole Whip in 5 words or less? Please share with me in the comments!

Special THANKS to my Moms Panel friends who participated in this fun blog post. I loved your answers, and I’m craving a Dole Whip even more now. I have to add that I especially enjoy the orange and vanilla swirl Dole Whip soft-serve. It reminds me of an Orange Creamsicle. Additional THANKS to fellow Panelist Marc for capturing the essence of Aloha Isle for me through his photos.

Be sure to stop by Aloha Isle on your next Walt Disney World vacation and have a Dole Whip for me. *Note: Dole Whip’s are also available at the Polynesian Resort and seasonally at Sunshine Seasons in the Magic Kingdom.

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