Disney Moms Panel Monday – Michelle

Straight from my heart – A glimpse into what makes my fellow Panelists so very precious to me.

Michelle was one of the first Moms to join the Panel when it began in 2008. I first met her during my Training Weekend in December, 2009. Disney had flown down the majority of the existing Panelists and the photo below was taken.

Top row: Chris, Bernie, Marc, Bri, Margaret, Terry, Maribel
Second row: Andi, Kara, Dannee, Whitney, Anna, Joel, Jonas, Amanda A
Third row: Amy, Erin, Amanda P, Karen, Diane L, Amanda W, Darcie, Allison, Cathy S
Bottom row: Michelle, Jodi, Portia, Maria, Suzannah, Tanya, Diane C, Kay, Kathie, Me (Kaylene), Diane G, Dorothy, Jennifer

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

There were a few times during that weekend that we were given “free time” to enjoy the Parks. At one point, I was over in Hollywood Studios riding the Tower of Terror with Kathie, Joel, Marc and Maria. A friend of mine was visiting Disney World with her family, so I excused myself and headed over to Epcot for a brief visit with them. As I boarded the boat from Hollywood Studios to Epcot, I immediately noticed a Moms Panel Pink jacket…it was Michelle! I introduced myself and enjoyed getting to know her a little bit on the ride over to the Boardwalk. She was super sweet and offered to answer any questions that I have.

I didn’t get to see Michelle again until the Moms Panel Reunion in October, 2010.

Here she is mixing and mingling at the Moms Panel Meet & Greet…

Michelle at the Moms Panel Fan Meet & Greet - 10/10

As I shared last week, Marc took this photo of all of the 2008 Panelists who were in attendance.

Erin, Beth, Michelle, Heather M, Bret and Darcie

A large group of us enjoyed Teppan Edo together that evening as well.  Michelle and her family sat with Erin, Bernie, Anna and her family.

Teppan Edo - 10/10

The Reunion Weekends always fly by too quickly. I didn’t get to see Michelle again until the following October. During the 2011 Reunion, a group of 98 of us dined at Les Chefs de France together. We had such a wonderful time!

Here are Michelle and Erin with their families.

Les Chefs de France - 10/11

I especially seeing Michelle at the IllumiNations Dessert Party that Laura threw for us that evening…

Michelle and I - 10/11

Michelle is currently on hiatus from the Panel. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and their adorable little girl. She prides herself on living an active lifestyle and she enjoys hiking, jogging, boating and taking yoga.

I look forward to (hopefully) seeing her again this Fall at our Reunion, and I’d love to get our little girls together someday.

You can follow Michelle on Twitter: @MichMay

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Love ya, Michelle!

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