Disney Moms Panel Monday: Suzannah

Straight from my heart – A glimpse into what makes my fellow Panelists so very precious to me.

I first “met” Suzannah on the DIS-boards when we were hopefuls and went through the Moms Panel application process together.  At that point I noticed that she had a popular Disney blog called Zannaland. I immediately thought she had the most beautiful name, and I was really excited to meet Suzannah and to get to know her more. Prior to the training trip, I recall asking her if she liked to go by “Suzannah” or “Zanna” and she said I could choose. Since then, I’ve called her both…but I also often call her “Suz” 😉 While getting to know each other in the days prior to that trip, she mentioned that she was originally from Massachusetts. We had a connection beyond our love for Disney right away.

Our group had a blast at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue during our Moms Panel Training Trip. I love this photo. From left: Chris, Suzannah, Me, Amanda W, Andi, Amy, Terry and Bernie.

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue during Moms Panel Training - 12/09

During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad together. It was Suzannah’s first time riding it at night, so we had to commemorate the moment with a photo.

Suzannah's first evening ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - 12/09

When I was reading Zannaland prior to meeting Suz, my first impression was that she was going to be as outgoing in person as she was on her blog. Upon meeting her, I was honestly a bit surprised at how quiet she was. However, since that time, Suz has really blossomed and she is quite the social butterfly these days.

This photo was taken when we were saying good-bye at the end of our Training Trip.

Suzannah and I - 12/09

I didn’t see Suzannah again until our Moms Panel Reunion last year. We met up at Give Kids the World to make our donation which would help children with life-threatening illnesses have a cost-free vacation with their families.

Give Kids the World Village - 12/09

After the Reunion weekend, the next time I saw her was when we went to welcome the newest Members of the Moms Panel Family. Here are some of the Alumni Moms and Dads who ventured down to welcome them.

From Left: Marc, Anna, Chris, Amanda A, Dannee, Bernie, Me, Beth, Suzannah, Jonas & Joel

That evening we enjoyed Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party together, which is my favorite special event at Disney World.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - 12/10

It was such a fun-filled magical evening with dear friends.

Bernie, Maria, Amanda and Suz at MVMCP -  12/10

Zanna and Marc - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - 12/10

Maria and Suzannah - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - 12/10

The next day happened to be Suzannah’s birthday, which we started out by singing “Happy Birthday” to her as we strolled over to the Boardwalk.

Boardwalk on Zanna's Birthday - 12/10

Then we walked over to Epcot to go Soarin’…

Epcot - Maria, Suzannah, Chris, Marc and Joel - 12/10

Soarin' with Chris, Maria, Marc, Joel and Zanna - 12/10

We watched Captain EO together…

In front of Captain EO - 12/10

…and then headed over to the Wilderness Lodge. Suzannah’s husband had planned a giant surprise party for her at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. Our “job” was to keep her from figuring out what was going on, so we arrived “fashionably late” to lunch.

She was taken completely off-guard and the surprise was a huge success.

Suzannah on her birthday - 12/10

What a wonderful husband she has…he made her day extra special!

Suz and her husband on her birthday - 12/10

The next morning we went to breakfast at Boma with a group of Panelists. We were joined by JL Knopp (from the Disney Driven Life) and Jud Hindes (a fellow Disney fan).

Breakfast at Boma - 12/10

After enjoying a few attractions with the new Panelists and shopping in the Emporium, it was time to say good-bye again. Here we are with Joel and Jonas – two of the greatest guys and Dads that I’ve ever met.

Joel, Me, Jonas and Zanna - 12/10

I had a wonderful time with Suzannah last December. Her blogging and social life keeps her incredibly busy and we haven’t gotten the chance to connect lately like we used to. So, I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with her again in just a few short weeks.

Suzannah and I - 12/10 Photo credit: Joel Kennedy

You can follow Suzannah on Twitter: @zannaland

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Love ya, Suz!

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