Disney Travel Tip Tuesday – The Pirates League

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Join “The Pirates League” at Walt Disney World

“It’s a Pirates Life for You” and your family at Walt Disney World! The Pirates League is a fun and exciting “buccaneer adventure in the Magic Kingdom, featuring makeovers that turn theme park guests into savvy swashbucklers. Depending on the pirate package, a trained Pirate Master can transform boys, girls (ages 3 and up) and grownups into pirates, buccaneers and maidens using facial effects, fake scars, removable teeth, hats, bandanas and other costume accessories.”

My family joined another Disney Moms Panelist, Kathie, and her family last October and we all visited The Pirates League together. Here is our crew after their makeovers.  They went through quite a few memory making steps to become these swashbuckling pirates…

As soon as you walk through the doors to The Pirates League, the transformation begins. Future Pirates will spin the wheel to release dice which are used to help select their new Pirate name.

Parents, be forewarned… from that point on, if you call your child by the name you gave them and not their new Pirate name, their Pirate Master will instruct them not to answer you 😉

Once they are called into the back, the children are assigned to a new Pirate Master who will complete their makeover. My girls chose to become “Pirate Empresses”, while my boys wanted to resemble Jack Sparrow.

My 8 year old daughter, who was renamed “Cat Bladecutter” spent the majority of the time giggling.

A pirate tattoo is placed on their hands to make them an “Official Member of the Crew”.

For Pirate Empresses, their hair is tied back and then a bandana is put on…

They’ll get their nails painted, a sparkly facial gem and make-up too.

Once they are done with the make-over, they all take the “Official Pirate Oath”. This is absolutely adorable, as my little Pirate Empresses took it very seriously.

The girls finished their facial makeovers at the same time…

Next, it was my boys turn. After getting their new pirate names, they each hopped into an awaiting chair in the back room. Their makeovers started with getting a new scar and black eyes!

The facial hair was next…

You’ll notice Kathie’s son chose the skeleton face. He watched on as my 10 year old took his “Pirate Oath”.

His makeover came complete with nasty pirate teeth…

Being a Pirate is serious business…

Before being given their new pirate swords, they each got a little “lecture” about how to safely handle them:  “No poking each other allowed”. It was nice that they got to hear this from someone other than mom 😉

Now that they were “Official Pirates”, they were granted access into the “Secret Room” where they got their pictures taken.

Meet “Lisa Blackhawk”…

Photo credit: Disney

“Cat Bladecutter”…

Photo credit: Disney

“Ned Plundermonk”…

Photo credit: Disney

and “Simon Hookshot”…

Photo credit: Disney

I highly recommend The Pirates League, as it is a fantastic experience for the whole family! I had a great time watching the makeovers, and I witnessed several adults being transformed as well.

Keep in mind that you will need to plan your Pirates League experience on a Magic Kingdom day, as theme park admission is required. Due to the popularity, you will definitely want to make a reservation in advance. In fact, guests can book the Pirates League up to 180 days ahead of arrival.

Simply call (407) WDW-CREW or 407-939-2739 to reserve a spot to join the crew! For help planning your magical Walt Disney World Resort vacation, visit me and my friends at www.disneyworldmoms.com.

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