Two Days until Disney Photo Fun Friday Friday Starts!

A lot of blogs do a “Wordless Wednesday” feature in which they post a photo without  a description. No words are required.

I always enjoy those posts. However, in the interest of being unique, I’ll be starting a similar but slightly different feature in 2 days. It’ll be called Photo Foto Fun Friday…(gotta love a little alliteration). The majority of the time, the photo will be of Disney World.

My fellow Walt Disney World Moms Panelist, Marc Lorenzo, has generously offered to share his photos. As you’ll see from my header photo, Marc is an amazingly talented photographer. He truly has a gift for capturing the Disney magic. I’m so excited to be able feature his photos on my site! They are sure to make you smile, and since his photos always speak a thousand words…no description will be necessary.

Please be sure to check back on Fridays and to leave some fabulous “foto” feedback below the pictures for Marc!

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