My Pooh Girl

Kasi Girl 3/11/11

This is one of those posts that is for my future enjoyment. I just HAD to capture this moment in time, as I want to remember it always.

My Kasi Girl is SO attached to her Pooh Bear. Whenever she’s tired and we’re not home, she cries & cries about how she “misses Pooh”. Tonight was no exception. We were driving home from dining at Chili’s and she started sobbing about missing Pooh. I climbed into the back seat and asked her if I can be Pooh for now, and told her she can snuggle with me. She was quick to inform me that Pooh is much softer and “squishier” than I am.

We soon arrived home and she RAN down the hall to her room yelling, “I’m coming Pooh!!!”

Can I keep her 6 forever please?

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