Disney Dad Marc

Fellow Disney Moms Panelist Marc came to visit for dinner tonight with his son, Josiah. It was great to see him again:

Josiah enjoyed the swing-set and the tree house with our kids.

While Marc and and my brother Scott chatted about the new I-Phone.

We enjoyed steaks on the BBQ and after dinner, Josiah and Shawn played with Sawyer for a while…

Then we headed to Smitty’s for an ice-cream. No trip to Falmouth is complete without a visit to Smitty’s 😉

Marc and I chatted well into the evening. He shared his experiences while on his PR Trip for the Main Street Electrical Parade, and we talked about the upcoming October Moms Panel Reunion. Marc has such a genuine passion for Disney World, so he’s always fun to talk to.

We enjoyed having them visit and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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