Welcome to the Family, Sawyer

Yesterday we surprised the kids with a new family member. 🙂 It was SO hard to keep it a secret, but some of the best memories are made from surprises.

We loaded the kids into the Suburban and told them we were driving, “somewhere cool near Boston.” We were actually headed for the town of North Oxford, MA.

Here they are merrily rolling along with no clue where we were going:

Had to snap another one to get Shawn in it too 🙂

When we were about 15 minutes away, we stopped to give them a big clue. It was a little jewelry box with an engraved Red Sox tag inside. The tag said: “Sawyer” and had our phone number on it. Not understanding what it meant, the girls were quite annoyed that we had driven nearly 2 hours for this:

Once I pulled out the collar for it to attach to, and explained that we were getting a puppy…the excitement was off the charts:

Steve and I had been talking about getting a dog for a couple years. We knew we wanted a male chocolate lab and were waiting for the right time. We decided summer would be the best time to train him and get him used to our family.

I suggested the name Sawyer as a nod to Disney’s Tom Sawyer Island. It seemed like the perfect name for a boy of mine: Full of adventure and a lover of the outdoors.

We arrived to find our baby waiting with his 9 siblings. He was sitting in the corner, observing us for a few moments. Once I picked him up, he kept kissing me over and over:

and gave me hugs too 🙂

He settled down nicely in Daddy’s arms 🙂

We took him outside to play and Jared snuggled with him for a bit:

Shawny did too. 🙂

We had brought a toy for him, and Malia and Kasi played with him with it. 🙂

Then we said bye to his brothers and sisters. They were all gorgeous dogs. 🙂 In all there were 4 chocolates, 4 yellows and 2 blacks.

Heading out to the car, Sawyer was completely comfortable in Daddy’s arms.

My THREE boys 🙂

Happy in his new home 🙂

Sawyer is SUCH a good boy and is fitting in nicely with our family.

Shawny and Sawyer. 🙂

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