Happy, Happy 10th Birthday Shawn Michael

TEN Years ago on July 1, 2000 at 8:35am my son Shawn Michael was born. He had a head full of hair that was the color of a brand new copper penny. He has brought such immense joy to my life. Shawn is SO helpful and loyal, a wonderful brother, incredible son and fantastic friend. His adorable smile brightens any room.

I’m so very proud to be his Mom and am thoroughly enjoying watching him grow. Shawn is at the PERFECT age to thoroughly enjoy Disney with me. He still loves to have me read to him, is happy to spend time with his family and likes having Mom go on Field Trips with him. This is a great age, and I just wish I could push the pause button and keep him this age for several years.

Happy Birthday to my Disney-Patriots-Red Sox & Celtics loving, athletic, outdoorsy, lovable, loving, helpful, silly, adventurous, handsome, adorable Shawny ?

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