Teens and Disney

April Vacation, 2009, we took Sierra’s best friend Sarah to Disney World with us. It was an “almost Seniors” trip for them. Disney is a great place to bring teenagers. We stayed at the Beach Club Villas and felt completely comfortable letting the girls (then 17) go off on their own. We chose one Park per day. The girls needed to be in the same Park as us and meet us for Table Service meals, but otherwise they were on their own.

I’m told that they rode Rock ‘n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror nearly 20 times each! A few times, they would text us to ask where we were and would meet up with us to ride Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, etc with the family.

Other times, they would spend 1/2 the day relaxing and tanning by the pool. Then they would come to the Parks later in the day instead. I can’t think of anywhere else that I would feel as comfortable bringing 2 beautiful teen-aged girls as Disney World.

Disney has the thrill rides that teens love, fantastic pools/hot-tubs and lots of fun activities. For people considering bringing their teens to Disney, I highly recommend that you let them bring a friend. Getting to travel with her best friend made this Sierra’s best Disney vacation yet. It can be cost prohibitive for some people to bring an extra child on vacation with them (especially when you have 5 kids like we do). What we did is we planned the trip 18 months out, which gave Sarah’s parents the time to save. We paid for her lodging (since we had the Villa anyway). Then, her parents covered her plane, park tickets and food (we paid tips).

Jared and Shawn are already talking about wanting to bring a friend with them on a future trip, and as long as it’s at Disney World…I’m all for the idea.

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