Piggie Tails in the Breeze…

It was FINALLY a sunny, warm day on Cape Cod today. In fact, the weather was gorgeous compared to how it has been for the last few months.

Kassia decided she wanted to go for bike ride, and asked me to ride my bike alongside her. Now, yesterday I ran around the block while she was in school, practicing for the 5k in October. Disclaimer: I have a LONG way to go to get ready for that, so if you saw me waddling around, no laughing allowed. Anyhoo, I had planned on taking it easy today. However, when my littlest brown-eyed girl asked so sweetly…I had to say yes.

We actually ended up doing the “figure 8” as I call it…(the big block and the upper little block as well). There are some good sized hills in there, but we did it. Kasi is SO good at riding her bike. She ditched the training wheels at 4 years old, and is a VERY good little rider. We had a lot of fun together, pedaling our hearts out and enjoying the sunshine.

She had asked for “piggie tail braids” this morning for pre-k.

While riding along side her, I wondered if there is anything cuter in the world than pig tail braids flying in the breeze behind an adorable 5 year old who is riding her 2-wheeler w/ease. Not a care in the world, she giggled and chatted the afternoon away with me. It took my breath away for a moment as I realized that this is my last Spring that I can do this with her. Next year, she’ll be in Kindergarten. Sure, we can ride together after school…but passing the time in the afternoon together, while we wait for the bus to come…just the 2 of us… 🙁 I decided instead to focus on the positive…to seize the days that we have left…

We had a wonderful time together, just me and my littlest girlie 🙂

When she undid her braids tonight, her hair was, “wicked curly” as she called it…

I told her she looked like “Goldilocks”, the color is truly like spun gold. Right away she ran into her room to find 3 bears to sleep with. 🙂 Then Malia, Kasi and I read, “Blueberries for Sal”. That was always one of my favorite stories when I was little. 🙂 I took a little extra time to snuggle with my girls tonight.

Time is fleeting. If I can’t stop time, then I want to be sure to cherish every single day that I have with my precious children.

Tomorrow’s agenda: Run Week 1 of the 5K with Shawn after he gets home from school…that should be interesting 😉

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