Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

I love ya, Tomorrow…you’re only a day away”

I’ll be off to Disney soon for ESPN-The Weekend. It is going to be VERY cool, and I am both blessed and excited to be going.

A little while ago, Kasi and I were snuggling. I told her I’m going to miss her SO much.
She said, ”I might cry when you leave.”
I said, “I hope not, because that would make me sad too. I will be back soon, I promise…and I’ll send you pictures to Daddy’s phone.”

She stared straight at me and said, “and they BETTER look like YOU and not someone else”.

LOL, she cracks me up. Not sure what she was referring to with that.

I have tons to do still to get ready to go. I promise a FULL Trip Report when I return. 🙂

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