Happy 18th Birthday, Sierra Marie!

18 Years Ago today my life was forever changed.

18 Years Ago today I instantly learned the meaning of unconditional love and an indescribable bond that nothing in the world can ever sever.

You see, 18 Years ago today I became a Mom.

Sierra Marie was born at 5:59am weighing only 5 lbs, 6.5 oz. So tiny and sweet with a head full of red hair…she was stunning from the beginning.

Sierra is one of life’s greatest gifts. My first-born daughter, she is like her Mom is many, many ways. Fiesty, full of determination, stubborness and passion…with a caring soul, deep love and fierce loyalty for those she loves.

Sierra has taught me many lessons about life. Unknowingly, over and over again, she has reaffirmed what I learned the day she was born…nothing can or will ever change the way a Mom feels about her precious child.

As Sierra matures, and becomes a young lady…our relationship slowly is changing. We’re becoming friends.

I am so very proud of my beautiful daughter. She has strong morals and values and she holds firm to her beliefs. As much as I sometimes wish I could freeze time, in many ways I am looking forward with anticipation to see where life leads my little girl. She has such a promising future ahead of her. She has the power to make every dream come true.

She has something else too…a Mom who is behind her and beside her every step of the way.

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Sierra Marie. You are loved more than words could ever say.Love you Forever, Mom

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