Disney Moms Panel Training Day 4: Sports and Morocco!

At 1:00, we had what I suppose could be called a “working lunch” because we had guest speakers sharing information with us while we ate a delicious meal. It was, however, the furthest thing from work. Instead it was downright Magical! Disney’s Dream Makers shared some of the exciting packages available to Guests through the Disney Florist. Their stories of making dreams come true brought tears to my eyes…and many eyes throughout the room. Pure Disney Magic. Click: http://www.disneyflorist.com/ to see some of the amazing options available for your next Disney vacation!

After lunch, we were off to tour the newly re-branded ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This is “the ultimate destination for athletes, fans and anyone who loves sports.” My mind immediately went to thoughts of my son, Jared. At almost 14 years old, he has already decided that he wants to be an ESPN Sports Announcer some day. In fact, this has been his dream for quite some time. We’re a family of huge sports fans. Ever since the kids were old enough to play in “munchkin” leagues, Steve has coached them…often juggling several teams a season. Knowing how much Jared would love to tour this facility made me feel a bit guilty that I was having the chance. I vowed to share it with him someday.

Walking into the “Milk House” we watched as cheering competitions were taking place. We were surrounded by talented young athletes, full of determination and promise. It made me smile just to be around them…and I found myself wanting to tell them all to follow their dreams.

One of the buildings had this painted in a room. It has been “my word” for as long as I can remember. I describe myself as passionate about my family and friends, passionate about Disney, passionate about helping others, passionate about many things. I was with a group of people who truly understood and shared my Disney passion and that was pretty amazing.

We were treated to a tour of the Sports Complex grounds, and I started snapping photos to show Jared…I knew he would love every bit of it.

We went into the ESPN Innovation Lab, which was VERY cool.

Here, we got to watch an amazing 3D sports film. Again, I thought of Jared.

Trust me, it’s VERY cool with glasses…

This is Maribel’s photo, it cracks me up every-time I look at it:

Joel heading out of the Innovation Lab.

Back towards the main buildings

Where we were treated to an information session (photo by Maribel):

Kathie enjoying the visit.

After the ESPN visit, we headed back to the Contemporary where we changed clothes and met back in the lobby. We were on our way to an amazing last night of our trip! First up was dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco! I had never eaten here, so was interested to see what it was like.

Our group heading in to Morocco…

Andi, Maria and Amanda A…looking over the menu as we all tried to decide what to eat. Our table ended up going with the Marrakesh and Royal Feasts which everyone at the table shared. I was quite proud of myself, because I don’t consider myself a very adventurous eater. In fact, in looking over the menu, “beef shish kebab” was one of the only things I recognized.

A belly-dancer came to our group and selected a few ladies to dance with her. LOL at Laura and Diane’s expressions as they look at this lovely lady’s six-pack!

Portia decided to join them too 🙂 

Laura, Diane and Portia enjoying the rhythms of Morocco on the dance floor…
Jonas was a very patient and helpful “partner” at the table. He translated for me, helped me find things that I would enjoy, and steered me away from things I would probably prefer not to sample. LOL. Thanks again, Jonas!! We were both starting to look a bit exhausted by this point in the trip.
Andi and Maria 🙂
Jonas ordered a round of Tangiers Breezes for most of the table. This was a delicious little treat.
After dinner, we had about an hour to walk around Epcot and enjoy “Holiday’s Around the World” before meeting up for our next, unbelievable event. I thought this was such a pretty sight, looking across the lake at the Christmas tree near Spaceship Earth.

more to come…

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