Disney Moms Panel Training Day 3: Photo Shoot and Breakfast

Recapping: Sunday, December 6, 2009

A 4:15am wake-up call today reminded me that it was time to rise and shine. We were to meet at 6:10am for a bus ride to Epcot’s Italy Isola.

There, we would be having our photo shoot. Now, I’ve been to Disney World many times when it is dark at night…however, this was definitely a first to be there before the sun rises.

Watching dawn break over Spaceship Earth as we awaited our photo shoot. It was SO beautiful.

A sea of pink coats. It was approximately 40 degrees that morning and very windy. I felt like I was back home in New England…brr.

Disney Dads Joel, Jonas and Terry (with Marc in background)….waiting for their turn to get their make-up done (I love this photo). 🙂

Jodi and Suzannah getting dolled up.

My turn…this pampering was SO much fun. 🙂

Marc getting his photo face on 🙂

Beautiful Kathie after getting her make-up touched-up (love this photo too). 🙂

After the group photo shoot, we had our individual photos taken with Mickey and Minnie. This was SO cool. By the way, to see the group photo, be sure to visit this link:

Kathie giddy after her photo session 🙂

A group shot of the three of us from Massachusetts (Jodi, Chris and I).

After the photo shoot, we were treated to a wonderful buffet breakfast upstairs in the American Adventure. While waiting to head up, the ’09 alumni Moms gathered for a photo.

The American Adventure was all decked out for Christmas, it was so beautiful.

Jennifer and Chris singing Christmas carols.

The beautiful, festive centerpiece on the table.

Pretty Christmas village near the buffet line.

Kay, Bernie and Anna enjoying their breakfast.

Kathie bringing her plate of treats to the table.

Jonas and Maria

After breakfast, we relaxed for a few moments while waiting for our video shoot.

Soon, we headed back outside for our exciting Video Shoot!

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