Let’s Party!

As a way to CELEBRATE my success on finally joining the Disney Moms Panel, I decided to surprise the kids tonight. 🙂 Chef Mickey’s is a fun buffet at Disney World with an awesome “Make Your Own Sundae” bar…who doesn’t love that?!?! I bought 3 different kinds of ice cream, chopped up snickers bars, had a bag of M&M’s, chocolate Jimmies, chocolate syrup and whipped cream! As they say at Chef Mickey’s, “PARTY”!!! I was too busy putting everything out to capture the kids excitement when I put everything on the table and told them we were bringing Chef Mickey’s into our dining room. However, here’s a few snapshots of the fun:

Making their creations:

Jared’s ended up with a “Hidden Mickey” made of whipped cream (hard to see in here, but it was super funny watching him try to make it).

Kasi’s is almost done…

Giggling Malia pointing at her huge pile of whipped cream 🙂

Shawn, only SLIGHTLY excited about his sundae, LOL

A VERY happy Kasi showing off her masterpiece:)
I’m STILL peeling myself out of the clouds…I can’t believe my dream FINALLY came true 🙂
*Unfortunately Sierra had a Psychology Outreach meeting, so missed out on the fun. However, we saved her toppings and she dug right in when she got home!!

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