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I am deliriously excited and blessed to be sharing my news!! I received the call at 12:12 today that I was blessed with one of the 12 coveted Full Time spots on the 2010 Disney Moms Panel!! I started crying as soon as they told me, and have been bouncing off walls and shaking ever since. I had been thinking we’d hear around 3pm, and I had a hard time focusing all morning. Kasi had her gymnastics, so that helped pass some time. Mom, Scott, Beanie and I had been texting back and forth all during the class. Mostly, we were talking about how MUCH I wanted this and how I was going to lose my mind waiting all day, lol. When we got home around 11:45, I started browsing the DIS boards, and catching up on Facebook. A few minutes past 12, I decided I simply could NOT sit here any longer, and I went to the laundry room to pick up a basket of clothes. Just then, the phone rang! I figued it must be a telemarketer, but I walked over to check the caller ID anyway. I dropped the basket when I read, “Celebration, FL” on the screen! The rest is a bit of a blur, but I do know Tina and Laura were on the line and they told me they were hoping “to make my day spectacular by offering me a spot on the panel”. I started crying, and shaking. Could it be?! Was my dream really coming true??! They concluded by telling me that I’d be getting a phone call about my itinerary in the next few days, along with some paperwork. I was told that I could share my news with my friends and family, but to wait until 2:30 or 3 to share online. I ran up the stairs and told Kasi through my happy tears, “Disney called me!” She said, “You won!? You’re going to see Mickey?! Yay!!”…and she gave me a big hug. I picked up the phone and called Steve, he was so happy for me. 🙂 <3 Then, I called my Mom. 🙂 She was thrilled too, and happened to be in the car with Mike and Megan…so she was able to pass it on to them as well. I hung up and called Scott…who nearly cried with me 🙂 Then, I called my Trinie and left her a message. By the way, she called me later and told me she screamed wicked loud when she got my voicemail, lol. I passed the time by chatting with a few very special friends online. My friend Michelle from the July playgroup was on facebook and I sent her an IM. She called me right away and was so happy for me. She will actually be in Disney during my training, so I am going to somehow find a way to finally give her a hug for her friendship over the past 10 years 🙂 While online, I chatted with two other new friends. One in particular, Kathie, is also on the new panel. She and I were both “rejects” from previous years, and both so desperately wanted this. Her phone call didn’t come until 1:40 or so…and she started to doubt that she made it. I truly couldn’t celebrate until I knew she had too. We kept IM’ing each other on facebook and I told her I was still going to believe FOR her. I literally jumped out of my seat and started crying when she told me she was in! Then, we called each other on the phone and laughed, screamed and rambled to each other for a few minutes. 🙂 I can’t wait to meet her in person! The other new friend is Diane L., who was a 2009 Panelist. She was a “reject” from ’08 and was a finalist with me in ’09. She made it then, I didn’t. It was her time…now it’s mine. 🙂 She has been SO wonderful and supportive throughout the entire process this year, and I hope to be able to meet her as well. 🙂

After hanging up with Kathie, Sierra walked in the door. She asked if I had heard, and when I told her, she gave me a huge hug. Made me teary all over again. I then went for a jog around the block with my Kasi, as I had SO much pent up energy to release. Kasi rode her bike and I HAD to jog to keep up…that girl can pedal!! Jared came home soon after we got back, and he was very happy for me too. When Shawn and Malia got off the bus, Shawn ran over to me…”Have you heard?!??!” I said, “Give me 5″ and put my hand up. He literally JUMPED on me, yelling and screaming. Malia joined in too! Shawn was dancing…”Oh yeah, oh yeah, my Mom’s a Disney Mom.” Then he said, “I KNEW you were going to get this all along Mom, you HAD to…you are THE Disney Mom”. <3 Yeah, I got teary all over again, lol.

As you know, I was a semi-finalist in ’08 and a finalist in ’09. I never gave up on my dream…and have SO incredibly thrilled to report that the 3rd time is the charm and that dreams really DO come true!!!

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