Trina’s Prayer

I was sharing my excitement over making it to the next round in the Disney Moms Panel search with my best friend Trina. She witnessed my heartbreak last year when I didn’t quite make it. 🙁 I asked her to say a prayer for me…that I will be content with whatever the outcome is. Her prayer brought tears to my eyes, so I am posting it here to remember always. Love you, Trinie

“Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for this opportunity for Kayl to come again. We ask that you please help Kayl through this very exciting time. Please give her the words to put down as answers to these questions she has been given – help her to speak from the heart. Let the words come to her with ease. I pray that you help her to feel at peace and have comfort to know that the words she chooses are words from her heart. I pray the peace is strong so that she won’t second guess her answers or the words she chooses I pray that she will not analyze or doubt but know that you are there helping her through this.

I pray that if it is your desire and will that she will receive this great opportunity to be a part of this Mom’s Club. Lord you know her heart is full of Love and care for those all around her – regardless of how much she knows someone she is always first to show care and compassion and Love. Lord this is such a gift that you have given to her. Please let the people reading her answers feel this through her words. Lord I pray that you will Bless Kaylene and her family as she has been such a blessing to so many. I pray that you help her to see how special she is and what a gift she has. Help her to bless others. I pray Lord that if it is not your will Lord for her to receive this that you will give her peace and comfort to know that you have a special plan for her. Help her emotionally each day through this time of waiting and also through out her life. Continue to help her to be strong as she has done through out her life. Lord I ask a special blessing on her and her family – please bless them spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Thank you Lord for all you have done.
We love and praise you.


Kayl – THANKS FOR SHARING…I’ve been wondering. I am dying to talk w/you. Miss you & Love you – Best of Luck. I know that you will do well. I have Faith that God is with you. Keep me posted. Hopefully we can connect soon. ”

Thanks, Trina. Love you so much…and I know whatever is meant to be, will be 🙂

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