Happy 5th Birthday to My Kasi Girl

Kassia Rachel turned 5 today…and I can’t quite believe it. For some reason 5 sounds so much older than 4. 🙁 Makes me rather sad, actually. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that Kasi is my baby…and I know that all too soon I’ll be waving good-bye as she gets on the school bus. Thankfully I have her for one more year as she ventures off to Pre-k for 3 mornings a week in the fall. For now, I’ll focus on today…

I made her this ladybug cake, with lots of love:

Ladybug Cake - Made with Love by Mommy

She had a wonderful day with lots of friends, and ended it with cupcakes at her family party…where she made another wish…

Making her wish...

Today was Kasi’s day and as I pause to reflect on it, these things I know: This little girl lights up my world. 🙂 She is so full of joy and happiness. Her giggles are infectious. She stops me several times a day just to say, “Mommy, I love you SO much.” She gives me hugs when I need them (and often senses when that is). I so cherish my walks with her lately, we just stroll along looking for cardinals and chipmunks. We stop to smell the flowers and sometimes she rides her bike. She’s such a bright girl, wise beyond her years. I love the conversations we have. She loves hippos, ladybugs, zebras and clown fish. She can give a bear hug like no-other and is such an immense blessing to me. Kassia was a surprise baby, God sure knew that I needed her. I just could NOT even begin to imagine my life without her.

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Kassia Rachel 🙂 Mommy loves you more than words could ever say. 🙂

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