The point of this.

I’ve taken a two-week hiatus from my blog. I needed to decide if I wanted to continue writing it. Someone said something to me about one of my entries and I realized that I felt both violated and misunderstood. So, I feel I need to clarify something.

I started this blog as a place to jot down my thoughts. It’s a diary of sorts…but without the handwriting that bothers my hands so much. I don’t write for anyone’s enjoyment, per se. I don’t write to be judged. I don’t write to amuse. I write to put my heart and thoughts on “paper”. It helps me to think things through, to relive moments, to remember, to analyze, to smile, to laugh, to cry…you know…I write for therapy. Please don’t read my blog if you feel the need to be judgmental, critical and negative…or if you feel you need to take every single thing I write literally and psycho-analyze me. Really. I’m sure you could find much more interesting material in your local bookstore. If, however, you follow my blog because you know me, you love me and my children, you understand me–or you seek to, you delight in the day-to-day moments that make up my world…then, by all means, enjoy. Thanks for being special part of my life.

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