The sister I never had…

“Thanks for the sunshine you’ve brought me. Thanks for the friendship you’ve taught me.”




Approximately 14 or so years ago, I met my sister. No, she’s not related to me by blood…we share a bond much deeper than that. Trina and I met when we were both living in Las Vegas. We started as Front Desk clerks at the Casino Royale Hotel. The connection was immediate…and I knew I had found my very best friend. Trina and I were born 3 days apart, she grew up in Vermont, and I in New Hampshire. It took us moving to the west coast to meet. 🙂 For several years, we worked together…both becoming Supervisors. Oh the fun and laughs we had…those crazy times, the talks that lasted for hours (days?!) and the secrets those memories hold will be forever locked in my heart. I had Jared while in Vegas, Trina threw me a surprise baby shower…attended by front desk clerks & the entire housekeeping staff. I was speechless…no one had done anything like that for me before. She had been dating Todd at the time, and I was with Darin. Then came Doug…then went Darin. Eventually, Trina moved to Oregon with Doug. Not long after she moved, I too, ended up in Oregon. Several more years of happy, priceless memories…and a few not so great ones…like the time she hurt her foot and came crawling up the steps to my house. She had been at an interview and when she went to stand up…her leg was asleep and she fell. Then, I sprained my knee while she helped me move out of my apartment. On my 25th birthday, Trina and my brother Scott surprised me with a bouquet of “over the hill” balloons and flowers and we spent the evening celebrating together. I stood there as I watched Trina marry Doug, and her dreams came true. She was on the other end of many phone calls when I met Steve…as she helped to convince me that not every guy is out to break my heart. She was my maid of honor, as I married my Steve. Trinie lives in Idaho now, and I in Massachusetts. The miles have prevented us from sharing hugs as often as we’d like…but distance will never, ever change what she means to me. I could write a novel about the memories, the laughs and the tears…oh the tears. Trina has been my rock through SO many incredibly difficult times in my life. We share shoulders though, like when her Dad was diagnosed with and fought cancer, and the years of her struggling to have a baby. God blessed her immesely with beautiful Autumn Elizabethe 4 years ago. Then came precious Odin Walter. She is a wonderful Mommy. I only wish we were close enough for our children to grow up together. 🙁

Trina celebrated her 37th Birthday at EPCOT in Disney World. I called to have a cake delivered to her table (I hope she got it). I hope everyone has a Trina in their life. One of the photos above shows my “Trinie shrine” in my room. On my bureau is a photo of us on New Years Eve many moons ago (1996 maybe?), a floral card from her “To Kayl…I will always be here for you”, a card she made me and the framed friendship poem from her. The last photo above was taken 2 summers ago on the beach here in Cape Cod. She came to visit me and we got to watch our little red heads playing together…it was so special. I can NOT wait to see her again…until then, I have lots of memories to help me pass the time. Here’s hoping she had a wonderful Birthday. 🙂

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