Mickey Dreams…

“A dream is a wish your heart makes”. My heart is wishing…and I’m dreaming Mickey dreams.

*sigh* I am trying SO hard to not get my hopes up again…but it is getting harder by the day.

Last year, Disney introduced a “Mom’s Panel” on which they’d have 12 Moms/Dads who possessed a wealth of Disney knowledge. These panelists would be members of an online forum which would answer questions for parents planning a Disney World vacation. I knew this was the job for me…as I am the “go-to” person for my friends and family. They accepted 10,000 applications, and I made it to the semi-finalist round. I was ecstatic, and then deflated when I didn’t go any further. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with one of my answers on the second round last time, so I was content with the decision. Still, I was thankful for the opportunity to apply…and the dreaming was fun.

This year, in September, they began the search for the 2009 panelists. This time, they accepted 20,000 applications. I just had to try again. You can imagine my excitement when I was notified that I had made it to round 2 again! It’s coincidental that my best friend Trina, Steve’s sister Judy, my Great-Aunt Rosemary, two of my neighbors and the mom of one of Shawn’s friends have ALL contacted me in the last few months to help them plan a Disney trip. It is truly one of my favorite pass-times. Trina was telling me the other night, “if they need someone to vouch for you…have them call me. You’ve made planning our trip SO much fun and it’s just going to be perfect.” Disney does have a lot of little known facts that can either make your trip all you dreamed of…or leave you bummed that you weren’t in the know. Having worked in the hotel industry for years, I know how much people’s vacations mean to them. Helping others to get the most out of their trips…ensuring a week of magical memories…means so much to ME.

The interviews for the finalists begins on Monday. Those of us in the 2nd round are waiting (im)patiently to know if we will be blessed with the opportunity to share our knowledge with the Disney executives in round 3. I should hear any day now. While I know I’ll be disappointed if I don’t move on, I am confident that I am extremely qualified. It is a challenge to answer the questions in 100 words or less (I AM a talker, after-all). I’ll be content to continue to help others make their dreams come true. That is what I keep telling myself every day…countless times a day…to try to prevent myself from getting my hopes up.

Please keep positive thoughts for me, everyone!

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