Art and Battleships…

I always loved playing the game “Battleship” growing up. While the game itself was fun, the idea of big ships has always interested me.

Tomorrow, Jared gets to go on a super cool field trip. His Pod is going to Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. Check it out here: He is going to learn a LOT of very interesting facts and get the opportunity to explore the ships on display and visit the memorials for World War II, Korea, Vietnam and 9/11. The purpose of this trip is to learn about the naval vessels used in World War II and the technology of ships from that era.

Today, Sierra went to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. She was blown away by the artist Tara Donovan who is the current artist on exhibition. Check out her work. Sierra brought home pamphlets that show some of her amazing works.

Malia is going to the fire-station this Friday.

The kids are so blessed to be able to have such interesting field trips 🙂

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