Who comes up with these ideas?!

Obviously someone WITHOUT five kids to deal with in the morning.

Sierra and Jared were on their way and I had gotten Malia showered and dressed. She was slowly eating her breakfast when I heard Shawn bellowing from downstairs:

“Mom, we’re supposed to wear red, white and blue today…the whole school has to”.

UGH. SO, I had to go search through Malia’s clothes for something patriotic, while racing against the clock to get her to eat and get out the door. We already had a “red, white and blue day”…2 weeks ago. This, of course, was when the weather was better and she was able to wear a cute capri outfit. It’s too cold for that now, and she doesn’t own other things of primary colors. This is Malia after-all…the girl lives in pink and purple. She refuses to wear jeans…so finding blue was hard too. After trying on 3 pairs of old jeans (all of which she had outgrown) and negotiating for quite some time, I found an old American flag sweater of Jared’s in a bin in the basement and got her dressed…again.

Meanwhile, I was able to find Shawn’s clothes quickly. Being New England sports fans…both the Red Sox and Patriots are red, white and blue. So, I threw one of his jersey’s on him.

NOT how I needed to start the day…again, WHO comes up with these ideas?! With NO notice?! Hope the whole school looked cute today and it was worth it. Oh wait, they wouldn’t have time to notice…they were too busy turning around and sending them back home after a HALF DAY. Another HALF DAY of school…3 hours of school…then home. What about the parents who aren’t home and have to pay daycare? Again, WHO comes up with these ideas? I now have a yard FULL of kids–10 to be exact–kids whose parents work and would have to pay daycare.

At least it’s a yard full of patriotic kids.

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