Pinch Me…

I’ve been a bit busy this past week. This post will go a long way in explaining my lack of blogging.

My Mom came to see us on Tuesday, she was coming down for a few days before heading home to pack. They sold their house in Maine and were heading south again. I haven’t lived near my Mom in over 20 years…not for long anyway. Seems we’re always a state (or 10) away from each other. I often watch friends with their Moms and I wish I had mine closer…to shop thrift stores with, to chat, to laugh, to walk on the beach, to watch the children grow….

Mom and Curly have land in NC and were planning on building a house on it, hoping that would make it more appealing so they could sell it. Fate jumped in when Curly caused an accident in Virginia. He was heading down with his truck and a 5th-wheel camper. Long story short, he is okay and the driver of the other car is too. However, both vehicles were totaled and the camper was damaged. Something in that illegal U-turn he took caused my Mom to make a U-turn with her life. She didn’t want to move south…she was doing it to bide her time for now. Fact is though, that her grand-kids are growing up so very quickly. She decided she was going to fulfill her dream NOW and move to the Cape. She could have been in that truck and I would have likely lost my Mom that day. I almost lost her when I was 8…I don’t care to ever go through that again. This entire ordeal has had God’s hand-writing all over it. My Mom is the most self-less person I know. She has always put everyone before herself…to a fault. It is as if God put a 30 foot flag in the shape of a camper in front of her and said…”STOP, it’s YOUR turn Rachel.”

A bible verse came to mind: Your desire is what you long for, what or whom you long to be with. Your desire is where your heart is. Your desire is your greatest treasure and will be your reward. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

God knows the desires of her heart, he knows she wants to be near her children and her grandchildren…and we all want her near us too. So, like a gift tied up in a pretty satin bow, the week unfolded before us. We looked at an apartment, we scoured Craigslist, we drove around to different parts of town, we dreamed. Then, today, we looked inside this gift from God and we found the perfect little cottage for rent. It is reminiscent of a little doll house. The owner is a sweet 83-year-old man and he was very accommodating. He isn’t going to lock her into a lease, he’s okay with whatever works for her. A smile came over my Mom’s face today…she was so happy, so at peace…we just know it is God’s will that she be near her family…at last.

My little brother Michael and his wife Megan are planning to move here soon too. My Mom would like to get a home with them to share. I’m hoping my brother Scott does too. This would be a dream come true.

I could ramble on, but I think I’ll go enjoy some time with my Mom. She heads home in the morning to pack for the new chapter of her life. We could call it, “A Dream Came True”:

“If my dreams could all come true, Paradise would be
In a little bungalow somewhere by the sea.”

Or, I may just call it, “Pinch Me”…is this really real?!??! I’m so excited I’m afraid I’ll wake up and it will all be a dream.

The kids are SO excited that Granny is moving to Cape Cod…but not NEARLY as ecstatic as I am.

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