A day in the life…

…my life, that is.

Today Jared’s soccer was at 9, Malia and Kasi’s was at 10:30 and Shawn’s was at 1:30. Mixed in there also at 10:30 was Sierra’s Field Hockey game. I went to half of M & K’s soccer on one side of town, then took Jared and Shawn and we went to Sierra’s game. While I was at M & K’s game, I ran into someone who said they had seen me at swimming yesterday, and someone else who saw me at gymnastics…”You’re everywhere”, they said. That I am. It was “Family Day” at Field Hockey. So, after the game there was a big picnic for the families. The players each gave their Mom’s a flower. There was a bucket of carnations, and they picked a color. Sierra brought me over a red one and gave me a hug. I said, “Meme loved red carnations”. “I know”, she smiled. Guess I’ve told her that a few times. 🙂

After Field Hockey was Shawn’s game, but Steve had to leave for that before Sierra’s stuff was done. So, we missed out. There’s 7 more games still this season…so I’ll get to see more. Of course, news is, that he made 2 goals….and I missed it 🙁 I told him he’ll just have to do it again so I can see.

On our way out off the High School field…just the 4 of us girls…Sierra’s coach stopped us and she got 2 small sticks out of the shed. She gave them to Malia and Kasi to practice and learn the game. It was so sweet of her. She did this after seeing the youngest two and asking if “being cute was a requirement for being in our family”…she said she “couldn’t believe how beautiful ALL of the girls are”. 🙂 I agree.

Came home and worked on some Disney vacation planning and eBaying. Then the boys came home and the neighborhood inundated us. Happens often…every day, actually. I’m glad they have this many friends…really, I am 😉 One of them ended up sleeping over (Shawn’s buddy)..hopefully they will all go to sleep soon.

Sierra is off at a friends party and she was supposed to be home a half an hour ago. Hmm…

Yeah, it’s a typical Saturday…

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