and it begins…

Soccer season, that is.

I hardly slept a wink last night…tossing and turning and thinking about sweet Stacey. 🙁 I like to imagine her pain-free, watching over her children from above.

Today soccer season began. Jared was at 9am, Malia and Kassia at 10:30 and Shawn at 1:30. It SHOULD have been canceled, as it had been raining off and on all night and most of the morning. Damp, wet, cranky children…yuck.

Jared has been doing very well with soccer, it is wonderful to see him improve. Shawn also is really coming into his own. He is quite advanced for his age and he seems to love it. Malia “gets it” this year and isn’t just wandering around aimlessly. Today was Kasi’s first day ever playing soccer. Now, whether it was the weather or something else…she was NOT in a good mood. You would think having her Daddy as her coach would make a big difference…it seemed to set her off instead. She started crying when “he didn’t wait” for her to start the jumping jacks. She started crying when he was helping another boy instead of her. She started crying because the ball didn’t go in the goal…you’re getting the idea, I’m sure. Of course, after 6 hours of soccer…I wanted to cry too.

It was nice to see a lot of people I haven’t seen since last soccer season. Steve is now coaching all 3 teams because the rec center didn’t have a coach for Junior High…he had already agreed to do the other 2 teams. He is incredibly patient and great with all of the kids. We’re all blessed to have him.

My brother, Scott, is on his way here later tonight. The kids are excited to see him…as am I. It should be a fun weekend with him. 🙂

Kids are all starting to argue, so guess I’d better go for now.

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