Cinema Sunday – 2010 Moms Panel Training Weekend Video

The search for the newest Members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel will begin VERY soon! I vividly recall how I felt the 3 years that I applied and how incredible it was to FINALLY have my dreams come true in December of 2009! This video which was made by fellow Panelist and dear friend Marc will give you a little glimpse into our amazing Training Weekend.

Best of luck to all of you who are applying to join our Pixie Dusted Family!

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6 Responses to Cinema Sunday – 2010 Moms Panel Training Weekend Video

  1. Jackie Psarianos says:

    Thank you ♥

  2. Disney Gal Tricia says:

    One thing that applying to the Mom’s Panel has shown me is that I’m persistent! Just entered application number 5! Thanks for re-posting this video. I’ve seen it several times but still love it!

  3. Jackie Psarianos says:

    Today, this made me cry….:))

  4. Carrie Funk ~ Cozyflier says:

    I’ve applied 5 years in a row. I keep dreaming! thanks for sharing the magic! ˚o˚

  5. Loreen C Gorzelany says:

    This is my Third Year and I will never give up…….Thanks for Sharing!!! ºOº

  6. Sarah Orr says:

    Oh what wonderful memories for you Kaylene!

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