Travel Tip Tuesday – Spanish Weather Forecasts

Planning a vacation? If you’re like me, before you pack your suitcases, you pause to check out the weather forecast for your upcoming vacation so you know what to bring.

Tourists headed to Spain who are interested in the forecasted spanish weather should look no further than Accurate weather for a multitude of resorts in Spain is available by simply choosing the preferred city on the dropdown menu near the top of the page.  To get a full list of the thousands of cities that they provide weather for you can visit the page entitled “our forecasts” (see link at bottom of their website). Their forecast data comes directly from a weather aggregator so that you can find out whether it will be raining or sunny in your destination. Whether you are looking for 3, 5, 7, 10 or even 14 day forecasts they have got it covered!

“With such a diverse topography and georgraphy its hardly surprising that Spanish            weather can vary enormously. In the North where the weather systems come from the Atlantic ocean there is a temperate European climate with mild winters and warm summers. Conversely the South of the country frequently experiences blisteringly hot summers and mild winters as weather moves from the North of Africa. Much of the center of Spain is miles from the cooling/warming effects of the ocean and as a result many areas experience extreme temperatures in both winter and summer.”

Be prepared by checking the forecast ahead of time at!

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