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Many things get easier with age, unfortunately getting insured is not one of those things.  For obvious reasons, the older you are, especially once you have reached retirement age, the harder and more expensive it is to find coverage.  This does not just mean health insurance either, many different types of insurance, including travel become much more complicated and expensive past the age of 65.  Of course the chances of needing medical assistance rises in the 65 and up population, but there are also plenty of people in their 60’s who are  perfectly healthy and do not deserve to be penalized simply because of their age!  Travel insurance over 65 is actually of great concern because, when you think about it, this is the perfect time to really start traveling a good deal.  Many people are recently retired and looking for ways to spend their new found free time. After retirement, people are also much more likely to spend longer periods of time abroad, making insurance even more important to have.  I know that I personally am counting down the days (years) until I can retire so that I can do just that, travel!  I can think of no better time to finally get out and see all the places I have been yearning to visit then when I can finally really relax and say I deserve it.  With a little bit of research, it is possible to navigate the tricky world of insurance policies and figure out the cheapest, best plan to to fit your needs.  If you plan on going abroad more than once in the year, there are multi-trip policies which usually end up being cheaper than taking out individual policies for each place that you holiday.  You should always get multiple quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.   Of course, in the end, the piece of mind and protection that come with being insured are always worth the money (even though the real hope is that you never actually have to use it!).

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