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Straight from my heart – A glimpse into what makes my fellow Panelists so very precious to me.

Krista joined the Moms Panel Family in 2011 and is from Tennessee.  A Mom of two adorable kids, Krista dreams of being the Fairy Godmother at Disney World someday. She is a middle school English teacher and absolutely bubbles over with passion whenever she talks about her favorite place on earth.

I first met Krista during her Training Trip in December, 2010. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend a few brief moments with her at Bongo’s. Her sweet smile was endearing and I couldn’t wait to get to know her more.

Joel, Krista and I - Bongo's 12/10

Here’s Marisol, Ritzy, Krista and I at Bongo’s.

Marisol, Ritzy, Krista and I at Bongo's 12/10

Bernie, Marisol and Krista enjoying the Cocktail Hour. 

Bernie, Marisol and Krista at Bongo's - 12/10

Marisol and I chatted quite frequently throughout 2011, and she quickly became like a sister to me. At one point last year she and Krista were at Disney together filming Moms Panel videos. In fact, if you click on “Moms on Planning” (on the video link), you can watch Krista’s awesome video entitled “Hey Mickey!” Once she got home, Marisol was filling me in on all the fun she had experienced. I distinctly recall when she told me how happy she was that she had gotten the chance to spend quality time with Krista. I pouted that didn’t really know Krista yet. Immediately, Marisol exclaimed, “She’s awesome! I LOVE her”! I knew then and there that I simply had to get to know Krista more too.  

That opportunity came this past December when a group of us traveled down to Disney World to welcome the newest Members of the Moms Panel Family. We stayed at the BoardWalk Inn – Club Level and I will forever cherish the wonderful memories we all made that weekend.

Here’s Tron, Doug, Jill, Marisol, Krista and I enjoying the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights together.

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights - 12/11 (photo credit: Marc Lorenzo)

When I first met Krista, I thought she was shy and quiet. In reality, once you get to know her, she can make you giggle until your sides ache. She has a razor sharp, quick-witted humor and has been known to make Panelists laugh so hard they cry…for hours 😉  

Tron, Marisol, Krista and I - Boardwalk Inn - 12/11

On our last morning together in December, Tron, Marisol, Krista, Chris, Marc and I walked over to the enjoy the World Showcase. We met up with Doug and Erin there as well. Chris and Krista are both middle school teachers and they enjoyed chatting about that common ground. We all had such a special morning, soaking in the final few hours of magic with some of our favorite people in the world.

From left: Chris, Krista, Tron, me and Marisol - 12/11 (photo by Marc Lorenzo)

 Tron, Krista and Marisol — three very special ladies.

Tron, Krista and Marisol in Epcot - 12/11

After enjoying a relaxing morning, we rode the Friendship Boat over to the BoardWalk to say good-bye to Marc who had a plane to catch. 

Doug, Krista, Tron and Marc - 12/11

Krista had never tried Beaches and Cream so we decided it would be awesome to all attempt to conquor a “Kitchen Sink” together. Jill met up with us there too. We had a blast at lunch as we shared many laughs along with our big sink full of ice cream.

From left: Krista, Jill, Marisol, me, Chris, Doug and Tron at Beaches & Cream

The time we all shared together last month was so priceless. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to discover first hand how awesome Krista is and I’m very blessed to call her my friend.

Krista, Tron and I on our last morning together - 12/11 (photo credit: Marc)

I’m already anxiously anticipating our next reunion and the complete lack of sleep that we are sure to experience together.

You can follow Krista on Twitter: @MonorailMom

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Love ya, Krista!

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