Disney Movie Lines – Cinema Sunday: “When Did You Last Let Your Heart Decide?”

“Life Lessons…one Disney Movie Line at a time.”

I hope you enjoy this inspiring post by Fellow Panelist and Disney Dad Angelo…

Over my lifetime, I have been told that I am a very passionate person who likes to put others ahead of my own happiness. It may seem a little vain on my part but I have to say that it’s true. I have very rarely taken my own stance on certain issues or done things
just for myself. Last year, I undertook something that has changed my life in many ways. For one of the few times, I decided that I would do something that would be mostly for me but would still benefit my family greatly.

Without letting anyone know what I was doing, I undertook a two month application process. This was a vigorous process and if I actually made it through the screening, it would ultimately be a very rewarding experience.

So, why did I go through with  this? Well, “It all started with a Mouse”. Ok, that was a little too obvious of a Walt Disney quote. But yes, I am a Disney nut. I have loved Disney
Movies, Parks, and basically anything to do with Mickey Mouse ever since I was a child; I still do to this day. One of my favorite movies is Disney’s Animated Classic, “Aladdin”. Mind you, when the movie came out, I wasn’t a toddler or in elementary school. I was in my early twenties trying to decide what I was to do with the rest of my life. The songs were fantastic and I loved the animation  process.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is leading into the “Cave of Wonders”. During
this scene, Disney utilized new computer technology to make the sand come to life. That footage led me to take up 3D modeling on the computer and is a very big part of my profession now. Another part of the movie was the music. There are so many great songs but my favorite was, “A Whole New World”. It tells the story of being able to take someone from where they are, and giving the other person a chance to lead them to a new and better place.

One of my favorite Disney lines comes from that song. At the beginning of the song, Aladdin asks Princess Jasmine, “Now when did you last let your heart decide?” I have always liked that part of the song but never really thought about it too much. I mean,
it’s pretty obvious what he is getting at. But Aladdin himself made the decision at the beginning of the story to go after Jasmine even when he knew she was out of his league and had a father bringing suitors from all over trying to win her heart. So by chance I watched the movie around this time last year and thought to myself, “Why can’t I let my heart decide?”

Over the last year I have had many trials and tribulations in my life. I have been in complete agony over the impending loss of someone so close to me and true joy of finding out that I am not alone. My kids have grown one year older, but seem miles apart from where they were a year ago. They are really starting to be real people as opposed to
just “the kids”. My wife has found her calling in another state and she is very happy where she is. And, I am now a part of one of the greatest Disney families you can imagine.

When I let my heart decide last year, to apply for a spot on the 2011 Walt Disney World Moms Panel, I had no idea that it would lead to so many new experiences and life changing decisions. The process was lengthy and quite nerve wracking since I didn’t tell
anyone and kept every emotion in. Through each round, I grew more excited yet nervous that I may not make it to the end. When I received the call that I was in, I was elated. Now came the fun part, telling everyone the good news.

I’m not sure who I told first, it was really all a blur but I got mixed signals right from the start. Some were so excited about the news and others not so much. No one knew what I was talking about. When I mentioned that I would be a Disney Mom I got mostly snickers and sometimes plain out laughter. But I knew that the experience would be very worthwhile. So, I went ahead with the training and got to meet some amazing people who share in the same passion that I have. Nine months later and 900 questions answered, here I sit writing this blog post for an amazing woman who spends countless hours making sure not only her family is taken care of but her Moms Panel family as well. It’s really been such a rewarding experience to take on this responsibility and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! There are so many other stories about the Panel that could be told but I will leave that for another day. So on the eve of the next Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search, I
ask you, “Will you let your heart decide?”

I’m so happy to have gotten this opportunity to share with you a little piece of my Disney Story, and finally not having to keep my whole life hiding, my heart away.

Written by fellow Disney Mom (Dad) & dear friend Angelo.  Angelo is a proud member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. He is not a Disney employee. The postings on this site are his own and do not necessarily represent Disney’s positions or opinions.

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