Whatever Wednesday – Summer Begins

“Welcome to my World”. Posts on Wednesday’s will be about whatever I feel like sharing. It may be about my kids, my thoughts, my memories or just a day in my life.

Thanks for your patience these last few weeks in regards to my blog. It’s been a really hectic month. First I had end of school-year craziness, then in the span of 2 weeks Kasi turned 7, Shawn turned 11, we had friends for 4th of July weekend and now Malia turns 9 in three short days. In the middle of all that I’ve somehow gotten a wicked chest cough and I’m just trying to dig out from all of it still.

In addition, my heart has been very heavy, as one of Jared’s friends was killed by a drunk driver a few days ago at the tender age of 16. Jared has played soccer with him for years and rides the bus with him. This has completely devastated the community and I have needed to focus all of my attention on helping him get through this.

I appreciate your understanding and I look forward to sharing more Disney fun soon!

Hope you all had a blessed 4th of July with your family’s. Now, go give them all a hug…you never know when it could be the last time that you see them. 🙁

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