Disney Moms Panel Monday – Marisol

Straight from my heart – A glimpse into what makes my fellow Panelists so very precious to me.

Within hours of the new Panelists being selected last year, we started connecting on Facebook. Marisol’s enthusiasm nearly jumped off my screen and I knew I loved her from the start! We sent some messages back and forth and at one point I offered to share the links to my Moms Panel Training Trip Report with her. She excitedly told me that she had already read it months ago. ;)  One evening before her Training Trip, we were chatting online. She lives in Florida, so I figured she would be arriving as early as possible. I told her that I was on an early flight and was meeting up with several other Panelists that morning. I wondered if she and the other two new Florida Moms would like to meet us for lunch (along with whoever else got in early). We made plans to meet at the Big River Grille & Brewing Works on the Boardwalk.

Meeting beautiful Marisol - Big River Grille - Dec. '10

I sat next to Marisol at lunch and was thrilled to discover that she is every bit as amazing in person as I had imagined she’d be. Marisol is authentic and true. She can only be described as the “real deal”.  Perhaps it’s the New Yorker in her ;), but there aren’t any pretenses and that’s what makes her so wonderful. This one of many reasons why I adore Marisol. Everyone who knows me knows that I call it as I see it, and I always relate best with people who do the same.

Marisol and I at Bongo's - 12/11/10

On Sunday of that weekend, we met up with the new Panelists briefly in the Magic Kingdom. It was SO nice to finally have a little bit of time to spend with them. A group of us headed over to ride Pirates of the Caribbean together. Here’s Marisol, Leslie and Angelo just before the ride .

Getting ready to ride Pirates of the Caribbean together

The boat was full of Moms Panelists! I sat between Deborah and Marisol and had a blast with them.  Marisol and I shared a giggle as we yelled, “Yo, Ho!”…

A boat full of Disney Moms (photo by: Jud Hindes)

After the ride we stopped for a moment for a silly group photo in the gift shop. Marisol makes a great Captain Hook. 😉

A bunch of troublemakers - "A Pirates Life for Us"

Since Training Weekend, Marisol and I have exchanged texts, emails and have chatted multiple times on the phone. She is absolutely hysterical and I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with her.

One of Marisol’s most endearing qualities is that she has a huge heart. She is an incredibly caring person. Recently someone who is deeply treasured by us began her battle with cancer. I personally took the news very hard. I shared my struggle with Marisol in a text and she immediately dropped everything and called me. Through my tears, she understood that the thought of someone so precious to me having to suffer at all (with treatment) was quite literally breaking my heart. Marisol was, without a doubt, the sister that I needed at that moment and it meant so very much to me.

Marisol treasures her family and friends. In more than one conversation, her loyalty has been made abundantly clear and she’s truly a gift. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to see her again in September. I look forward to countless phone calls and Disney memories together in the future.

You can follow Marisol on Twitter: @SeaSunCastle

Several weeks ago I asked Marisol if she would like to write an article for the Disney Movie Line column. Her contribution was incredible. If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to read it:
“Swimming Lessons” -  http://thedisneydrivenlife.com/2011/03/27/swimming-lessons/

Love ya, Marisol!

*Want to get to know some more Walt Disney World Moms Panel Moms & Dads? I share a different Panelist with you each Monday! Here’s the link to all of them so far:

Be sure to stop back by next week!

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