Whatever Wednesday – First Place

“Welcome to my World”. Posts on Wednesday’s will be about whatever I feel like sharing. It may be about my kids, my thoughts, my memories or just a day in my life.

This past Fall Jared took Digital Photography as a Freshman elective. One of his projects was to make a collage out of various photos that focused on one topic. He chose basketball.

He was really proud of the one on the bottom left. He had chosen an angle in which the chain-link fence cast a shadow that looked like a cancer ribbon. He tinted the fence pink in class in support of breast cancer.

Even with natural colors, it’s a very cool photo .

The Cape Cod Times ran a contest for it’s special annual feature – The Classroom Times. Students from throughout the Cape & Islands entered and Jared chose to submit the  above photo to the contest. It made him think of kids who’ve lost their parents to cancer, and all that they are missing out on. ♥

On March 14th, Jared’s was in the paper has having won FIRST PLACE for photos for students in grades 7-9. This includes entries from numerous students in over 25 schools!!

Great job, Jared!! 🙂

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