Disney Travel Tip Tuesday – Disney Moms Panel

Sharing weekly tips that will save you time, money or simply make life easier on your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation.

You’ve read the guide books, watched the vacation planning DVD and talked to everyone you know who has taken a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Now you’re left feeling somewhat overwhelmed. You still have questions that remain unanswered. Some of them may be:

Which Resort would best suit your family?
Does the Disney Dining Plan make sense for you?
Should you Park Hop?
Would your 5 year old like Splash Mountain?
What would your teen son enjoy the most?
How easy it, really, to switch Resorts mid-stay?
What are some ideas to do on a non-Park day?

You may even have very specific questions about food allergies, menus, special needs, plans for a romantic meal, the Magical Express and so much more.

This may not be your first trip to Disney World. Perhaps you’ve been several times as a child, but are bringing your own kids for the first time. Maybe you’ve taken your kids multiple times, but want to try an adults only trip. Perhaps this is your first Disney Cruise.

Head to www.disneyworldmoms.com for help with all of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation planning needs.  You’ll find me there, along with 44 other Park Savvy Moms and Dads have “Been There, Done That”. We’re here to help YOU make the most out of your Magical vacation. The advice is genuine and based on our first-hand experiences when traveling with our own families.

Want a bonus tip? We receive a large number of questions daily, and we do our best to answer as many as we can. To ensure that YOU get the answers you need, direct your question specifically to a Panelist. When you are on the main page, there is a box in the upper right hand corner that says, “Meet the Moms”.

It looks like this:

Click there and it will take you to a page full of Panelist bios. The Panel is a very diverse group. We have Moms, Dads, an aunt, single parents, moms of one and moms of many. Find one that you think is most suited to your specific question. Then click on the link inside their bio to ask them a question. It’ll go directly to them and you are more apt to receive an answer that way.

The bio page looks like this:

Wishing you many magical memories on your upcoming Disney vacation!

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