Family Vacation Critic Article- Featuring Me ;)

On 12/7/10, I was interviewed by Jackie Perrin. She is a blogger for We chatted about Disney World for an hour and 45 minutes. Her article came out a few days ago. Naturally she needed to condense my tips, but here are a few of them:

Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Some of my other tips that made the blog:

Disney Mom Shares Her Wisdom Blog

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2 Responses to Family Vacation Critic Article- Featuring Me ;)

  1. Lissa Poirot says:

    Hi Kaylene,

    Thanks for providing such great tips and advice for our viewers looking to visit WDW!


  2. Kaylene J says:

    Hi Lissa,

    I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Jackie. Disney World is one of my favorite subjects and I love helping others plan their trips! So glad that I was able to help your readers.


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