Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3

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52 Responses to Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3

  1. Megan P. says:

    How can you not love the scene at the end of Toy Story 3 where Andy takes time out to introduce Bonnie to all his pals before he leaves for college? Brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps the best scene ever in a Disney/ Pixar movie.

  2. Lisa Z. says:

    My favorite has got to be when Barbie lures Ken in to the Dream House to put on a fashion show for her so she can keep from reaching the others!

  3. My whole family loved when the aliens saved them all at the end.” the claw”!

  4. Lynda Gaudet says:

    You have to love the part when they are at the dump and woody saves the pink bear. ( I can not reamber his name) It goes to show that even cartoons good prevails over evil.

  5. Liz A. says:

    Our “family favorite” part of this great movie was when all the toys are in the incinerator facing their doom (or so they think), and then decide to grab hands and face it together. It showed the bond of these great characters, and that true friendship can conquer all!

  6. leslie says:

    Definitely the Ken fashion show!

  7. marybeth says:

    My daughter, Catherine’s ,favorite part of Toy Story 3 was when the Alien said “The Claw.” My son’s favorite part was when all the toys made the plan to get out of Sunnyside. And my favorite part was definitely the Ken Fashion Show.

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  10. Sophia says:

    I haven’t seen Toy Story 3 but have seen Toy Story 1 and 2 love both Movies-Love Toy Story 2 the part when all the toys leave the house looking for “kidnaped” Woody and try crossing the street… What a raquet they caused!! loved when the tracktor trailer swerves and after all is done the light pole falls and they don’t even notice!! What a riot!

  11. Deirdre Eddy says:

    We all Love the Ending When Andy gives his toys away to the little girl who loved her toys…The good ol Days when we all use to play toys and called it pretend : )

  12. Amy Emerson says:

    Love love love the end. Andy is so sweet when he is giving his toys away. The end of an era! Great movie! Would LOVE for my kids to experience it on ice!

  13. Jan Souweine says:

    Oh dear……… a favorite scene. that’s difficult… probably my favorite and most sentimental is the ending when Andy gave away his toys. Woody and Buzz are still in this home! When Jay was little (and if he reads that I wrote this publicly he’ll be a tad upset – oh well, a Mom’s prerogative) he couldn’t say Buzz Lightyear.. here he has always been known as “Buzz on my ear”……………Never ever too old for Buzz!

  14. Dennis Murphy says:

    my daughter’s favorite Disney scene is in Finding Nemo, where Dorie says ‘see you later Elmo’ to Nemo. Simple throw away lines like that really make a 3 year old laugh!

  15. Randi S. says:

    Our hearts sank when Andy who’s going off to college, gave the little girl all his toys so
    she could enjoy them as much as he did!

  16. Renee K. says:

    Toy Story 3 is such a great movie! The best part for us was when Andy gave away his toys…a tear jerker! This movie was special because we had my niece and nephew from GA with us at the theater and this was my nephew’s first movie. My sister was nervous that she would have to leave with him…but the movie was so good (for all of us) that he was entertained and behaved perfectly. Now his favorite toy is Buzz…surpassed Thomas the Tank!

  17. becky says:

    I have no seen the movie yet (my husband is the movie watcher with the kids) but my favorite part of The Little Mermaid is when she is singing her part of that world song on the rock with the waves crashing around.

  18. Tracey says:

    I love most of the Disney movies and have MANY of them. My daughter and I used to collect them, her getting one on her birthday and Christmas every year. My favorite scene has to be when Bambi called the skunk a “flower.” It was soooo cute. My daughter and I used to watch Disney all the time, expecially when she stayed home from school sick. We would watch “The Little Mermaid.” The best part in there is when the father said “I need to pin that girls fins to the floor.” (or something similar to that…) I would love to have the chance to take my grandson to this and introduce him to the love for animation… like Disney!!!! Thanks for this oppertunity!!!

    • Kaylene J says:

      Disney movies have a way of bringing people together. How special that you used to enjoy them with your daughter on her sick days. Enjoy making new memories with your grandson!

  19. Leiko says:

    This was Leanna’s first movie on the “big screen.” We had a cute moment when she started chanting “Daddy says the good guys always win…daddy says the good guys always win…” during the scarey furnace scene. My favorite part was the escape, especially Mr Potato Head as a tortilla!

  20. Nicole Greene says:

    My favorite scene is when Buzz goes into Spanish mode lol 🙂

  21. Amanda says:

    My favorite part of the movie was when Andy brought the toys to Bonnie. My son and I both had a little cry for ourselves. He is 8 and he has loved Woody since he was 2. He still sleeps with his Woody doll. SHhh ……

  22. sarah says:

    We love when the aliens use the giant claw to save all the toys from being melted at the junk yard!

    sarahdoeshair_a at yahoo dot com

  23. Heather Lindberg says:

    My favorite scene from Toy Story 3 was the end, when Andy gave his toys away and was explaining “who” his toys are to Bonnie. Made me think about my toys when I was little.

  24. Julie says:

    Oh, of course my favorite part is when Andy passes his toys along…sniff, sniff.

  25. I love the scene as they are all falling into the incinerator and they all reach out to hold each others hands… like even though it is the end they are happy to be together.

  26. Kristen W. says:

    My favorite Disney movie scene is from Snow White, when she and the dwarves sing The Silly Song together!

  27. Johanna says:

    Best scene is when Buzz speaks Spanish to Jessie and dances 😀

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