2010 in Review :)

As 2010 comes to a close, I’m taking a moment to reflect on what a Magical year it was. Sure there were some struggles, but the happiness that we shared as a family far outweighed those. Below, in a nutshell, is a summary of our year. I’ll spare the mention of Spring soccer, gymnastics, baseball-regular Season and All-Stars, basketball, Fall Soccer and more…which were monthly (daily) occurrences:

On January 1, Steve, Jared and Shawn did the “Run and Dunk”, starting the year by jumping into the frigid ocean…crazy guys. On January 3rd was the official “Launch” and I started answering questions on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. As of today, I’ve answered 1,062 questions and I look forward to another full year of spreading Pixie Dust! Also in January, Sierra turned 18 and Shawn continued to battle migraines (he finally conquered those a few months later).

In February we participated in Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program (see post: http://fivetimesblessed.blogspot.com/2010/02/give-day-get-disney-day.html) . We also went for a ski trip to Maine with our friends the Johnson’s, where I saw Tedy Bruschi on the bunny hill while his son skied with my girls. On February 24- 27, I represented the Disney Moms Panel for a PR Event at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grand Re-Imagining. There I ate dinner with Garrett Hartley of the New Orleans Saints and interviewed Tedy Bruschi, Adam Vinatieri and Shawn Johnson on the red (green) carpet. I also did the Richard Petty Driving Experience and drove a race car 112 miles per hour, 8 times around the track. It was quite a thrill!

March brought Sierra’s Art Show and touring Suffolk University with her. I also enjoyed dinner with Disney Dads Chris and Bernie.

In April, I joined Disney Dad Chris to film a commercial for Disney and Chevy. He and I helped a local blogger who was driving to Disney World over April vacation with some “must-do” tips. Shawn went on a Cub Scouts camp-out with Daddy. We had an impromptu beach-side picnic dinner at Chappy (take-out pizza) in an effort to will Summer to get here.

With May flowers came another Art Show for Sierra, Kindergarten orientation for Kassia, Jared starred in Beauty and the Beast as Cogsworth, my Dad came to visit (to take Sierra to dinner for her graduation early since he couldn’t make the ceremony), Sierra went to New York City, I had a kidney stone and Steve celebrated his birthday.

In June Sierra had her Senior Banquet, Jared went to Six Flags, Sierra graduated High School and attended college orientation. Lots of family members came from far and wide to watch her graduation, including Mike and Megan, my Mom, Scott, Darin, Julie, Stan, Aunt Sharon & Uncle Tom and many more. In addition, Jared received recognition for earning Honor Roll throughout Junior High. Sweet Kassia turned 6 years old the day after Jared and Shawn spent the day at the Tedy Bruschi Football Clinic at Gillette Stadium.

July brought sunshine and beach days, Shawn’s 10th Birthday (and a sleepover in the newly finished Tree House with 10 of his friends), Sawyer joined our family, Marc and Josiah visited, Malia turned 8, I had dinner with Chris and Bernie and Jared went to church camp. We had a family reunion in Boothbay Maine, which was wonderful! I saw all of my cousins on my Dads side, visited with my Mimi and then enjoyed a relaxing vacation at sweet Justamere on Bear Pond. We returned home and held an Ice-Cream for Breakfast Social to fund-raise for Give Kids the World.

With August came our fun annual camping trip to Washburn Island with our wonderful friends Jordan and Kelly, a visit from my dear friend Lori and her daughter Madeleine, a 40th Anniversary party for Steve’s parents, and a 40th Birthday party for a friend of ours. It was with great sadness that we said “goodbye” to Summer for another year. We sure love our beach days at Chappy.

September brought many “firsts” and one big “last” for me. Sierra started College, Jared started High School, Shawn began his last year of Elementary School, Malia made Team in gymnastics and Kassia started Kindergarten. Jared went to Six Flags with church and I had dinner with Chris and Bernie. September was hard because my last baby went to school. 🙁 To make myself feel better, we went to Disney World! Ok, we were going anyway, but it DID make me feel a lot better. 😉

October began in the Happiest Place on Earth. Together with fellow Moms Panelists we presented a check for $7,500 to Give Kids the World!! Steve and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary at Disney, which topped off an 11 night trip. Pure Magic. We came home to Field Trips, a bad back injury (for me) and my Birthday and Halloween.

In November I began subbing at 4 Elementary schools, attended another Chevy Event for Disney with Chris and enjoyed Thanksgiving.

December has been another Magical month. I completed a phone interview with a blogger for the Disney Moms Panel. Then on the 10th, I headed to Disney to welcome the newest Members of the Panel and spend the weekend with some of my dearest friends. I visited with my Dad, Jared turned 15 and Scott came for Christmas. Jared and Sierra headed to Tahoe for Christmas and Andrea and Johnny visited here.

2010 had COUNTLESS other special “little” moments. I’ve learned through the years that it’s those little moments that are the most Magical of all.

I’m looking forward with much anticipation to 2011 and all of the JOY that it will bring. I’ll continue to serve on the Moms Panel, spreading Pixie Dust and Happiness. Most importantly, I’ll enjoy watching my children grow and making memories with them along the way.

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