Happy, Happy 6th Birthday Kassia Rachel

My littlest Princess turned 6 today. When she woke up, there was an Ariel balloon waiting for her. I made her Minnie-Mouse pancakes, spent hours on her cake, we took her to Toy Story 3, played with a yellow lab puppy in the mall and I made her favorite dinner (crunchy tacos and fruit salad). I tried to make her day as special as possible for her. Before bed she had a big smile on her face as she was wearing her new Princess Tiana jammies, so I think I succeeded:

This photo was taken a month and a half ago. I love it for several reasons, most of all because it embodies Kassia. As her shirt states, she is my “Love Bug”.

On her Birthday, I wanted to pause to reflect on the past year. Kasi went to Pre-K 3 mornings a week. She made new friends, and especially liked twin sisters Julia and Eliza. She learned to count to 100 and write her full name. She loves gymnastics and mermaids. She enjoys going to the beach, swimming and helping me plant flowers. I will always cherish the memories of this past year together. We had SO many special days…just the 2 of us. Kasi told me every single day how much she loved me. We were best buddies: riding around the block, going for walks and enjoying the bike path together. We’ll always be close though, and she’ll always be my littlest girl. As I look towards the next year, I know that it will bring Kindergarten and tears. The tears will be mostly mine.

I hope that Kasi will always be the happy, “sunshiny” girl that she is right now. She always wakes up smiling and brightens my days. She is a gift sent from Heaven above and I am just so incredibly grateful that she is my little girl 🙂

Happy, Happy Birthday to my “Sweet Pea”.

Love You Forever, Mommy

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