Ahoy Matey, There's a Pirate in My House!

She looks like this:

LONG story short, there was a snafu with the baseball uniforms in our town. They didn’t get numbers on them, so the parents need to iron them on ourselves. Steve is one of the coaches, so we were given the bag of numbers to hand out. Well, actually, the bag was given to Malia at school to give to me. That’s where things got sticky. I received notification that we were in the hot seat because our team didn’t have the numbers on them yet. Thing is, they came home with Malia last week, then disappeared. I’ve been scouring the house looking for them (in between spreading 11 cu yards of mulch, cleaning, attending PTO meetings and the rest of my crazy life). Yeah, so, back to the above mentioned pirate…

After learning that our team HAS to have the numbers on by this upcoming Saturday (graduation Saturday no less)…I again scoured the house. Just when I was about to give up all hope and head out to buy more tomorrow…low and behold, I found them. Hidden with Malia’s pirate hat and a notebook marked “top secret”…far under the corner coffee table…was the bag of numbers. My guess is, she was playing pirate and decided this was an important treasure worth stealing. If I wasn’t so annoyed right now, I might smile about it. Instead…it will remain something that I may laugh about someday. 🙁 *sigh* I just proceeded to iron Shawn’s number on. One down, 11 to go.

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