April Fools

From the moment I woke up this morning, I was greeted with April Fools jokes from the kids. I do not believe it will stop until they are asleep tonight. Here, for my future reading pleasure, are some of the days one-liners…

Malia: “Mommy, I broke your Blackberry.” *she said as she giggled*

Malia: “Daddy, I broke your computer.” *she said as she giggled*

Mom: “Shawn, I just got a text, we can’t go to Disney this year…”
Shawn: “not cool, Mom”

Mom to Shawn: “Did I ever tell you about the best April Fools joke that I played on Daddy?” (Daddy denies that he fell for it, Mom assures them that he DID in fact fall for it). “One year, I called him in the middle of the day and gave him the phone number to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, but I didn’t tell him what the number was. Instead, I told him someone needed him to call right away, gave him the phone number, and told him to ask for Mr. Lyon” (and I spelled it that way for him). Yes, people, he fell for it. He had called me back and said only, “Cute…ha ha.” Shawn almost fell off his chair laughing about that one.

Kasi: “Mommy, I left my Bitty Baby in Hyannis.”

Kasi: “Mommy, I left my jacket in Hyannis.”

Kasi: “Mommy, I left my shoes in Hyannis.”

Kasi: “Mommy, aren’t I a good kidder?”

Yeah, and the day is not over yet… 🙂

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