Disney Dads :)

Last night I was blessed with a visit from Chris and Bernie…two of my Moms Panel buds. 🙂 Bernie was in Massachusetts for a NASA commitment, and this opened up the perfect opportunity for us to get together. They drove to the Cape and we dined at Seafood Sams (it’s a great local “counter service” restaurant). While the pouring rain was not pleasant, it meant soccer was canceled…so Steve was able to join us. I was so excited to introduce him to some of my new family members 🙂 We spent 3.5 hours chatting…and the time just FLEW by. It was SO fun to talk about the training trip, ESPN-The Weekend and how much we enjoy answering questions for Guests. We shared a lot of laughs together and it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime…just like when we first met less than 4 months ago. Bernie brought some NASA posters, bookmarks, stickers, etc for our kids. Shawn was so excited, that he brought them to school today…and our playroom now has “super cool” posters all over it. Bernie said that he may be coming to our neck of the woods more often…I sure hope so! I can’t wait to see them both again and pick up where we left off. 🙂 I’m so blessed to be a part of such an amazing Moms Panel family. 🙂 Chris treated us to dinner, which was unexpected and very sweet. Thanks again for a wonderful evening, Chris and Bernie! 🙂

A photo between my buds Chris and Bernie

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