Future Disney Moms :)

Last night I was sitting at my computer listening to Malia and Kassia in the playroom. I had told them they had 10 more minutes before bed. They used to play school, art classes, Princesses, etc. This time, they were in there playing “Disney Moms Panel”.

“You be the person wanting to go and staying in the hotel and I’ll be the person helping you have a fun time on your trip to Disney World”. ?

How cute is that?! Two future Disney Moms 🙂

When I was brushing their teeth I asked them which Resort they were staying at: “Beach Club”, Kasi said. I asked her why (thinking she’d say the pool). She said, “Um…because the beds are comfy when I’m tired from walking all day”. LOL. Cracks me up! Malia chimed in, “She told me she wanted to stay in the Beach Club for that Mom, but I told her the pool is a much better reason and she definitely should pick that place.” Little travel agent already 😉

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