Disney Moms Panel Training Day 4: A Visit from Disney Royalty!

After the movie clip ended, the door up front opened and in came Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen!! How exciting to get to meet Disney’s newest Royalty!!

One of our very own Southern Belles, Andi, was the first to meet Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Disney Dad Joel 🙂

Here I am answering Tiana when she asked me what had been the best part of my day so far…

I told her that it was meeting her 😉

Sweet Amanda A.

Portia was SO excited to meet Disney’s newest Princess.

Maria’s turn

Dannee was also SO excited!

Sweet Allison 🙂

Disney Dad Chris

Disney Dad Jonas gives Tiana and hug (much to Naveen’s dismay, LOL look at his expression)

Princess Tiana, Jonas and Prince Naveen

Group hug from Dad Terry

Kathie’s turn

Kay get’s her hugs 🙂

Our Princess Laura meets Tiana and Naveen

We had a LOT of fun meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen and were all SO excited for the upcoming release of the movie. I couldn’t wait to tell Malia and Kasi that I had met them.

We had a bit more training, before it was time to break for lunch. This concluded our computer training …

and it was time for something else fun and exciting…

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