More from Day 1…Dinner at the Prop Shop

Recapping: Friday, December 4, 2009

Our first dinner together was held in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Prop Shop. It was an absolutely amazing room, filled with numerous pieces of Disney’s history. The building was formerly part of the Backstage Tour. We walked in and immediately dispersed to gaze at the captivating props. At the back of the room was a display from The Nightmare Before Christmas–with Jack Skellington.

I saw this sign from Star Wars Weekends and knew my boys would have loved to have seen it.

and there was this beautiful Mickey flag.

Diane L and I had become friends a last year on the DIS boards, and her dream had come true for the 2009 Moms Panel. Now, here she was to help train me on my trip!! I could hardly believe this was all really happening!!

Kathie and I

This photo is special to me, because all 4 of us had been “former rejects”. We’d each made it to the Final round in previous years…but had not been selected. Diane and Karen ended up on the ’09 Panel, and Kathie and I were finally realizing our dream together too. 🙂 

There were numerous options for dinner, including delicious salmon and a pasta bar. At our table, were Kathie, Diane, Andi and Tina. It was so fun getting to know each other while soaking in the incredible atmosphere.

A few of the fun props around the room…

This giant Simba from the old Lion King show was VERY cool. As a side note, I sent this photo below to Steve on my phone so he could show the kids. He told me the next day that Kasi had insisted on sleeping WITH his phone in her hand so she could sleep with Mommy and Simba. *love* 🙁

At one point, I asked a sweet gentleman where the restroom was, and he led Kathie and I into another room chock full of treasures. It was like opening a surprise present!

It was in that room that I was shown the very old Mickey Mouse marionette…I was awe-struck!!

After a sampling of wonderful desserts, we learned that Hollywood Studios had already closed for the evening. We wouldn’t be able to see the Festival of Lights…so I am saving that to experience with my family on a future trip. 🙂

We headed back to the Contemporary where I was greeted with a surprise!!

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