Disney Moms Panel Training Day 1: Sweet Ending

Recapping: Friday, December 4, 2009

We arrived back at the Contemporary after dinner and stopped by The Wave where the ’09 Moms were celebrating Cathy’s birthday. We said hello, and then Kathie, Maria and I decided to take the monorail over to the Grand Floridian to see the gingerbread house. First though, we stopped by our rooms for a moment, and that was where I saw THIS sitting on my counter (photo by Kathie):

It was a beautiful, very PINK Moms Panel basket…overflowing with goodies!! I was SO anxious to open it…but we all wanted to get to the Grand Floridian before we changed our minds and collapsed into bed. 🙂 SO I left the basket unopened on my bed…and rushed out the door.

While waiting for the monorail, we saw the Electrical Water Pageant going by outside:

Kathie, Maria and I chatted on the ride over to the Grand Floridian, and spent some time getting to know each other more. While Kathie and I had the chance to have several conversations already, it was one of the first opportunities I had to visit with Maria. Like Kathie, Maria is SUCH a sweetheart 🙂

We looked over the railing and gazed at the gorgeous Christmas tree below. It was magnificent and stunning.

In the back corner behind the tree, we saw THE gingerbread house. It truly was a work of art, breathtaking and captivating. We couldn’t wait to go down stairs and check it out!

As you can see from this photo, the gingerbread house was enormous! I could have spent hours admiring all the little details, if I wasn’t so tired. 😉

The windows looked like “stained glass” with Mickey and other characters on them…

and there were SO many intricate details.

Another angle which shows how TALL the house is!

The recipe for the masterpiece:)

Kathie 🙂

We popped outside for a moment, just in time to catch the last few Wishes fireworks.

Then we headed back to our hotel to get some rest. My basket was still waiting for me 😉 , but I couldn’t bring myself to open it yet. It looked too pretty 🙂

I put my rose in water, set it on the counter,

…and called Steve to say goodnight. I told him about my basket and that I planned to open it in the morning. Having only had an hour and a half sleep the night before, on top of this incredibly exciting day…I was completely exhausted and needed to get some rest. You see, we had a VERY Magical day ahead tomorrow!!

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